The Milton Road Alliance is a group of residents and stakeholders coming together in response to the Greater Cambridge Partnership's Milton Road scheme. The organisations involved include the Milton Road Residents Association, the Hurst Park Estate Residents Association, and Camcycle.

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New Milton Road proposals are now under consultation until November 5th!

In the new design, people walking and cycling are getting squeezed on shared-use pavements, right next to wide roads for speeding cars.

Is this the future of Milton Road?

shared-use pavement pinch point at Elizabeth Way roundabout

The proposed Elizabeth Way roundabout design forces people walking and cycling into 'sharing' narrow scraps of space, with each other and likely street furniture
(source: see the original diagram (large file), or more specifically the relevant snippet of diagram).

Things to look out for when completing the consultation survey — our guide to some of the issues.

Question 1: do you support or oppose specific items?

This question is divided up into numerous items. We would like to call extra attention to problems with the following items:

Question 3: segregated cycleways and Copenhagen crossings

We support the design of the new protected and segregated cycleways and Copenhagen-style crossings at side roads that give priority to people walking and cycling over turning traffic.

Question 4: tree planting scheme

We strongly support the proposed concept for tree planting along Milton Road.

Question 5: should pavements be shared-use or pedestrian only?

We believe that the pavements should be pedestrian only and that cycleways should always be segregated from footways. Not only would a shared-use pavement be unsafe and intimidating for vulnerable pedestrians and people with disabilities, it would also encourage people to cycle in close proximity to the many driveways on the northwest side of Milton Road leading to an increased risk of collision with vehicles exiting from driveways.

The choice for people walking is bleak — either negotiate the shared-use pavement on one side of the road or cross over to the sole dedicated footway on the far side.

Instead we call for more and better crossings of Milton Road to ensure that everyone is able to use safe and separate infrastructure provided for walking and cycling. We support crossings at both Fraser Road and Downham's Lane, and we encourage everyone to write that in Question 11.

Question 6: parking on verges

We strongly support the implementation of a Traffic Regulation Order to prevent parking on grass verges.

Question 7: time-limited loading in bus lanes

We support the provision of time-limited parking provision for trades vehicles loading and unloading.

Question 8: crossing at Westbrook Drive

We believe there should be a crossing near Westbrook Drive (Option 4A) to cater for people using the nearby bus stop.

Question 9: crossing at Fraser Road and Downham's Lane

Although the consultation only allows the choice of one, we believe there should be crossings at both Downham’s Lane (Option 19A) and Fraser Road (Option 19B). This is to help people cross the road and access bus stops, the unidirectional cycleway on the other side of the road, and to help bring together the community that is severed by busy traffic on Milton Road.

If you agree, please voice your preference for having both crossings by writing it in the space available under Question 11.

Question 10: Equality Act of 2010

safe bus stop with zebra crossing

Zebra markings on the segregated cycleway provide a safe raised table crossing for bus passengers who are using the protected 'floating' bus stop design.

Engineering diagrams for the currently proposed Milton Road concept may be found here: [part 1] [part 2] [part 3]

Please visit this survey website to submit your views to the Milton Road consultation by November 5th.

Looking for the old site? Click here for background on the 'Do-Optimum' proposal.